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scottNorth Carolina’s Morning News is a weekday morning program that runs from 5:30am to 9:00am on News Talk 680 WPTF. The station is based in Raleigh, N.C. and is a Curtis Media Group station.

Scott’s Bio (from

Scott Fitzgerald grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. To say he “grew up” there is a slight embellishment, as his maturity level is still often in question, in light of the fact he recently asked Senator Dole if she could beat Ted Kennedy in arm wrestling.

Scott has been on the air in small towns and big towns, and in most places he normally can figure out where to plug the headphones in all by himself. He loves to talk to people– about issues, the things that keep us up at night, the future of the world our children will grow up in, the joy of Jessica Alba movies, and jokes featuring monkeys. He can spend hours watching people in their natural habitat, and usually has a thing to say about his observations. He has learned not to share ALL of these little kernels of insight-last time the doctors upped his medication as a result.

Scott is an avid reader, both fiction and non-fiction and can make it through most books these days, even if they are short on pictures. He has written a novel and several screenplays, dozens of short stories, parody songs, and shopping lists.

Scott loves to wake up early, and in turn wake others up with a smile. He found radio is the safest way to wake people up, as the old trick where you put shaving cream in somebody’s hand, and then tickle their nose so they will swat at the “invisible bug” tended to put folks in a bad mood. Some people just have no sense of humor.

Scott does have some intelligence, and demonstrates that regularly by beating his five and six year old boys at Jeopardy, although he still has a difficult time giving his answers in the form of a question.

On a serious note, Scott wants to make sure everybody is aware of the danger of using power tools if your nose hair is too long. After that last little incident with the router, he has promised to start an awareness campaign-this paragraph pretty much takes care of that promise. In some areas, Scott may be considered an under-acheiver.

Scott has been doing radio most of his adult life, gravitating towards the industry for a number of reasons-the lack of rigorous psychological testing by most hiring managers being at the top of the list.

Each morning on the North Carolina’s Morning News, Scott will wake you up, bring you the stories that impact your life, the information you need to get going each day, and always a smile.

If that doesn’t do it for you, he still has a case of Barbasol Shaving Cream in the trunk of his car.


Kaitlin Ugolik is the talk show producer for the show. She books the guests for Scott and updates this blog. If you have any questions or suggestions for Kaitlin, feel free to comment on the blog and she will be happy to hear from you! Kaitlin and Scott are always brainstorming new ideas for the show and really appreciate hearing from the listeners! After all, this show is all about news you need!


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July 17, 2009 at 4:17 pm

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