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Tuesday Preview

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Scott Fitzgerald will be back tomorrow and here’s the lineup:

AP Correspondent Jerry Bodlander will call in at 6:10 to describe the feeling on Capitol Hill as Congress returns from a summer of heated town halls and health care debates.

John Quinterno of South By North Strategies, Ltd. will call in at 7:10 to talk about how  the  recession is providing North Carolina with an opportunity to deploy a different approach to job creation and skill formation known as jobs-centered development.

At 7:40 we’ll hear from Robert Franek, VP of Publishing for the Princeton Review on the recent survey that shows many students changing their attitude toward college because of the economy. From going closer to home to deciding school is not worth the cost at all, the Princeton Review’s survey shows that fear of debt is affecting students’ choices.

Randy Skogund, Director of Policy for Americans for Technology Leadership will call in at 8:10 to discuss the problems Gmail has been having and how they might affect its new business ventures.

Finally at 8:40, Dr. Toni Yance of the UCLA School of Public Health will talk to Scott about how kids’ environments may directly influence their chances for obesity.


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September 7, 2009 at 4:20 pm

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