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Labor Day Preview

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If you’ll be getting up early on Labor Day don’t worry – so will Rick and Donna Martinez! They’ll be sitting in for Scott again on Monday interviewing these guests:

They weren’t able to interview Phil D’Agostino, “The E-Motivator” on Friday, so he’ll be up bright and early at 6:10 on Monday to talk about how to know “when it’s okay to accept defeat and move on to things we can win, and when it’s not okay and stay to keep on fighting.”

At 7:10 we’ll hear from Larry Lytle, VP of Government Affairs for the North Carolina-Chinese Business Association about Governor Beverly Perdue’s recently announced trip to China. He says it is crucial that the Governor personally go to China – not once, but multiple times during her time in office because N.C. competes directly with every major state for trade revenue and direct foreign investment from China.

John Geiger was also unable to be a guest on Friday’s show, but he will be on the air at 8:10 on Monday to talk about his book, The Third Man Factor.

And finally at 8:40 we will hear from Maureen Honey, English professor at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and author of Creating Rosie the Riveter, who will talk to us about the emerging phenomenon of more women in the workplace partially because more men have lost jobs in the recession.


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September 4, 2009 at 1:18 pm

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