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Wednesday Preview

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MJ Gohel, Director and CEO of the Asia-Pacific Foundation will be on the show at 6:10 to talk about the guilty verdicts in the UK trial Monday as regards the “Airline Liquid Bomb Plot.” He will also discuss the recent elections and calls for a recall, as well as the civilians killed in an airstrike over the weekend.

At 6:40 feel free to call in and tell Scott what you think about both the President’s school speech today and the health care speech he plans to make tomorrow.

AP White House Correspondent Mark Smith will call in from Washington to talk about both of these speeches.

Michael Roberts, Assistant Professor of Agriculture and Resource Economics at NCSU will call in at 7:40 to talk about the nationwide study he co-authored regarding how climate change could cut the yields of some of the world’s most important crops in half, and faster than many expect.

At 8:10 we’ll hear from Dr. Mike Munger, Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at Duke University about the Geneva-based survey by the World Economic Forum that shows the U.S. falling behind Switzerland to the second most competitive country in the world, “mainly because of the financial crisis and accumulated fiscal deficits.”

Finally, Fred Gebarowski, Wake Tech’s Director of Entrepreneurship will call in at 8:40 to discuss the stat that 7% of people who are laid off try to start small business. Some of them fail, but he says some will be a driving force in getting the economy back on track.


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Tuesday Preview

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Scott Fitzgerald will be back tomorrow and here’s the lineup:

AP Correspondent Jerry Bodlander will call in at 6:10 to describe the feeling on Capitol Hill as Congress returns from a summer of heated town halls and health care debates.

John Quinterno of South By North Strategies, Ltd. will call in at 7:10 to talk about how  the  recession is providing North Carolina with an opportunity to deploy a different approach to job creation and skill formation known as jobs-centered development.

At 7:40 we’ll hear from Robert Franek, VP of Publishing for the Princeton Review on the recent survey that shows many students changing their attitude toward college because of the economy. From going closer to home to deciding school is not worth the cost at all, the Princeton Review’s survey shows that fear of debt is affecting students’ choices.

Randy Skogund, Director of Policy for Americans for Technology Leadership will call in at 8:10 to discuss the problems Gmail has been having and how they might affect its new business ventures.

Finally at 8:40, Dr. Toni Yance of the UCLA School of Public Health will talk to Scott about how kids’ environments may directly influence their chances for obesity.

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Labor Day Preview

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If you’ll be getting up early on Labor Day don’t worry – so will Rick and Donna Martinez! They’ll be sitting in for Scott again on Monday interviewing these guests:

They weren’t able to interview Phil D’Agostino, “The E-Motivator” on Friday, so he’ll be up bright and early at 6:10 on Monday to talk about how to know “when it’s okay to accept defeat and move on to things we can win, and when it’s not okay and stay to keep on fighting.”

At 7:10 we’ll hear from Larry Lytle, VP of Government Affairs for the North Carolina-Chinese Business Association about Governor Beverly Perdue’s recently announced trip to China. He says it is crucial that the Governor personally go to China – not once, but multiple times during her time in office because N.C. competes directly with every major state for trade revenue and direct foreign investment from China.

John Geiger was also unable to be a guest on Friday’s show, but he will be on the air at 8:10 on Monday to talk about his book, The Third Man Factor.

And finally at 8:40 we will hear from Maureen Honey, English professor at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and author of Creating Rosie the Riveter, who will talk to us about the emerging phenomenon of more women in the workplace partially because more men have lost jobs in the recession.

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Rick & Donna Host Friday & Monday

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Donna Martinez, John Locke columnist and host of People in Politics on State Government Radio, and Rick Martinez, WPTF program director, will be filling in for Scott Fitzgerald as hosts of NCMN Friday and Monday.

Here’s a preview of Friday’s show:

As usual, Barlow Herget from State Government Radio will come in to update us on what’s been going on in state government for the past week.

At 6:40 Rick & Donna want to hear what you think about the president’s sinking poll numbers and how he will face the challenge going forward.

At 7:10 we’ll hear from Phil D’Agostino, “The E-Motivator,” on choosing to be a victim or a victor in difficult times.

Amanda Hoyle will give us our weekly update from Triangle Business Journal at 7:40.

At 8:10 author John Geiger will call in to discuss is book, The Third Man Factor, in which he explores the possible presence of guardian angels in dangerous and trying experiences.

And as always, we’ll chat with Kevin Carr of Fat Guys At The Movies about what movies are worth seeing this Labor Day Weekend!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment on this post. And don’t forget, you can listen live to North Carolina’s Morning News on the dial at 680 AM or online at and if you miss anything, check out WPTF On Demand!

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Fall Series – We Want Your Input!

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Scott recently did a series of interviews with Duke Professor and Director of the Duke Islamic Studies Center Bruce Lawrence about the history and nature of the religion of Islam. The series was informative and went so well that we’re working on doing some more series in the near future. We’ve got a series on ethics in the works, but we want to hear from you! What’s a topic that you think deserves a series of interviews with one or more experts? Is there any subject you think needs explanation or discussion that isn’t being covered by NCMN? Let us know by commenting here or e-mailing Scott at!

We look forward to your ideas!

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Thursday Preview

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Happy Wednesday everyone! Here’s what we’ve got scheduled for NCMN tomorrow morning! Be sure to check out the links and leave comments if you have any questions! Also, don’t forget that you can call in to talk to Scott during the show or send him an e-mail at and you can listen to the show online at!

Eddie Davis, former president of the N.C. Association of Educators, is lobbying the state to, “end a moratorium on new statues and monuments at the state Capitol so the antebellum building can reflect the contributions of American Indians and blacks to the state’s heritage,” as reported by the News & Observer on Monday. We’ll have Mr. Davis on bright and early at 6:10 to talk about his goal of incorporating a “Hall of Inclusion” at the Capitol.

At 7:40 we’ll have a local spin on reality TV – Danny Barclay, Duke graduate who now lives in California and is featured with his wife on the show Househusbands of Hollywood. He and Scott will talk about the family dynamic of being a “househusband” and what it’s like doing the show.

Will “Big Beer” be the next industry to be investigated for violation of antitrust laws? Rob Cox, editor of, writes in “Breaking Up Big Beer” for that “with both Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors, raising prices at the same time, during a recession, and while beer demand is slumping it almost begs for an antitrust review of the industry.” Hear what else he has to say on the subject at 8:10.

We’ve saved the biggest guest for last with an interview with Rodney King at 8:40. He will be boxing former Pennsylvania PD officer, Simon Aouad, to headline Celebrity Boxing 11 on Friday, Sept. 11 in Essington, PA. From the press release: “I know some people will see the irony here,” said Rodney King about boxing a police officer.  “But I would have fought anyone who was worthy.”

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