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What’s in store for Friday

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Tune in tomorrow morning at 6:10 to get an update on what’s going on in state government from Barlow Herget of State Government Radio.

At 7:10 you can hear the final installment of our “Explaining Islam” series with Bruce Lawrence, Director of the Duke Islamic Studies Center.

Of course we’ll have our regulars, Amanda Hoyle of the Triangle Business Journal and Kevin Car of Fat Guys At The Movies.

ABC11 Meteorologist Glenn Willey will also call in from the coast to tell us what Hurricane Bill is doing to the tides out there – he expects dangerous rip-tides and high waves from this storm, although it won’t make landfall here.


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August 20, 2009 at 3:40 pm

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Thursday August 20, 2009

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On this morning’s show, AP correspondent Jason Straziuso called in from Kabul, Afghanistan where the country’s elections were in progress after days of violence. Jason said incumbent Hamid Karzai didn’t get as strong a showing as he did 5 years ago and Taliban intimidation had lowered voter turnout. He said he’d heard about some small attacks but none had been confirmed.

Scott also spoke with Senator William Purcell about his support of a bill to ban salvia divinorum, an herbal hallucinogenic drug that is currently legal in the state. The bill is now waiting for Governor Perdue’s signature. Sen. Purcell said his biggest worry is that the long-term affects of the drug are unknown. The effects of the drug last 5-30 minutes and the user is severely impaired during that time, making driving and many other activities dangerous.

Today was Day 4 of our “Explaining Islam” series with Professor Duke Lawrence, director of the Duke Islamic Studies Center. Today he talked about Islam since 9/11. You can hear previous segments in the series at WPTF On Demand and tune in tomorrow morning at 7:10 to hear the final piece.

Tim Minton, Executive Vice President of the Home Builders Association of Raleigh called in to talk about homebuilding numbers going up for the 5th month in a row. He said Wake County was one of the last communities to get into the recession as far as housing goes so it’s taking a little logner to recover but things are picking up.

Dr. Andy Taylor, Chair and Professor of Political Science in the School of Public and International Affairs at NCSU, called in at 7:40 to explain the role of people in congressional and gubernatorial positions in international diplomacy. He said this has been common for a while and although it is often done with the administration’s blessing, sometimes it’s a little more political.

Gary Snyder, Chair of U.S.A. Track & Field talked about elderly athletes and their medications – should some of these drugs be illegal in sports just like steroids? Read the New York Times story.

Finally, Scott spoke with Alan Weiner of NASRO Health Insurance Consumer Cooperative who explained health care co-operatives, something that has been thrown around in discussions about reform as a possible replacement for a public option.

Don’t forget – you can hear all of these interviews at WPTF On Demand!

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